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Release #57

Release #57 Go for higher engagement with our latest update! We made several changes that encourage you and your members to stay engaged with your


Release #56

Release #56 26 September 2022 Your app users will find it even easier to stay on top of the latest news! Through our timeline you


Release #55

Release #55 Our developers have added some nice features for you and squashed a lot of bugs. In these release notes you can read what’s


Release notes #54

Release #54 We are always upgrading our product for you. This way, you will always get maximum value from using our platform. Curious what our


New Plug-in: AutoTranslate

New Plug-in: AutoTranslate Do you often need texts in multiple languages? Maybe because your organization wants to reach international employees or customers? In cases like


New Feature: Tagging & Replying

New Feature: Tagging & Replying We’re launching new features with this update. As of today, Bundeling is available in Greek, and you can tag platform