Release #56

Your app users will find it even easier to stay on top of the latest news! Through our timeline you can view the latest updates in one overview. In addition, as a community manager you can now add members to events yourself and we have added the option to make calls via different apps.

The timeline

Our timeline will allow you to view all news items in your community in a complete overview. This timeline will be like a starting page where the latest updates of the following pages are visible:

  • news items;
  • activities;
  • polls;
  • group messages;
  • matches.

In the app, this looks the same as other pages. News is displayed in chronological order. Adding the timeline feature is completely free.

Adding members to events

Previously, app users could only sign up for an event themselves. We have adjusted this setting for you. As a community manager, you can now add multiple people to your event. At meetings or team outings, for example, you can set all members to present, which means members only need to sign out if they won’t attend.

App selector for calling

Using the user profiles, you can easily find the contact information of other members in your app. The call icon allows you to contact another app user at the touch of a button. Previously, this button automatically made calls through the phone app. From now on, you can use the app selector to choose which app you call with.

When you press the “call” button you will now first be asked which app you want to call through, this is useful when using tools like WebX.

Even more

Besides these new features, we fixed some bugs and created an archive for entered matches. Do you want to implement any of these new features, or do you have any questions about them? Please contact your success manager.