Release #57

Push-notification on comments

Stay updated on comments to your post. As an author, you will now receive push notifications when you receive a response to your bulletin board or news posts. This way you keep discussions going, or are quick to respond to questions.

Extended comments

In addition, the comments themselves have also been expanded. People who leave a comment on your news or bulletin board posts can now use more characters in their posts. This means you can leave more extensive responses.

‘We miss you’ email

Keep your app users engaged. Members who have been inactive for 6 weeks are now triggered to open their Bundeling platform through a ‘We miss you’ email.

Open links outside the app

Community Managers can now specify per platform whether IOS users can open links inside or just outside the platform. For Android, this was already possible. Opening links outside the app can be useful when visiting sites with reservation or payment systems or protected pages.

Need help or support with your platform?

Can’t figure it out? Feel free to contact your success manager and ask your questions about the Bundeling platform.